Cabins for Sale

We have several cabins for sale. We will provide pictures soon.
To purchase a cabin a person must meet specific requirements such as the following:
All cottages for sale are first offered to credentialed ministers or credentialed ministers’ widows first. After this initial offering, any member of a Church of God, in good standing, who has been a member for at least ten years may be eligible. All owners must be a credentialed minister in the Church of God or the spouse of a deceased credentialed minister in the Church of God or must be 55 or older. This does not prevent the rightful heirs form inheriting a cottage, but should these heirs choose to occupy and /or sell the cottage, the heirs and the prospective buyers must meet all requirements and qualifications as set forth in this manual.

Please call the office for details. 813-634-7537

614 10th Street $40,000
5434 State Road 674
5436 James Stephens Ave $28,000
708 10th Street $30,000
5234 State Rd 674 $69,000
5422 E. Gene Rice Ave $75,000